Wednesday, 21 September 2016

H. G. Wells...

H. G. Wells
Born: September 21st, 1866 - Bromley, U.K.
Died: August 13th, 1946 - London, U.K.


Looking at these stars suddenly dwarfed my own troubles and all the gravities of terrestrial life.
- The Time Machine

All men, however highly educated, retain some superstitious inklings.
- The Invisible Man

Few people realise the immensity of vacancy in which the dust of the material universe swims.
- The War of the Worlds
(Today is the International Day of Peace 2016)

So utterly at variance is Destiny with all the little plans of men.
- The First Men in the Moon

There is no liberty, save wisdom and self-control. Liberty is within--not without. It is each man's own affair.
- When the Sleeper Wakes

I hope, or I could not live.
- The Island of Dr. Moreau

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