Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Dame Edith Sitwell...

Dame Edith Sitwell
Born: September 7th, 1887 - UK (same birthday as Elizabeth I)
Died: December 9th, 1964 - UK


Poetry is the deification of reality.

Still falls the Rain—-
Dark as the world of man, black as our loss—-
Blind as the nineteen hundred and forty nails
Upon the Cross.

 Still falls the Rain
With a sound like the pulse of the heart that is changed to the hammer-beat
In the Potter's Field, and the sound of the impious feet

 On the Tomb:
                          Still falls the Rain

Bells of gray crystal
Break on each bough—
The swans' breath will mist all
The cold airs now.
Like tall pagodas
Two people go,
Trail their long codas
Of talk through the snow. 

Enobles the heart and the eyes, 
 and unveils the meaning of all things 
 upon which the heart and the eyes dwell. 
 It discovers the secret rays of the universe, 
 and restores to us forgotten paradises.

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